AKEYO is a lifestyle brand for men and women that aims to communicate ambition, class, and passion. 

AKEYO was founded by Akeem Henry, a college graduate who attended the University of Maryland, College Park. Henry majored in Public Health Science and minored in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

At the age of 15 he created his first clothing brand, Riches & Royalty Clothing (R&R), which he established the summer before his freshman year of high school in his mother's basement where he heat-pressed most of his shirts. Henry continued R&R until his sophomore year of college. While in college, Henry merged his two passions of creative entrepreneurship and studying to become a medical doctor on the pre-med track to launch his YouTube channel, Mission to Medicine

During his last semester of college, he conceptualized, AKEYO, which he decided to pursue wholeheartedly after graduation. He seeks AKEYO to become a business that can generate revenue that he can use to pay for medical school. AKEYO is a brand that reflects his style and his customers growth as adults entering social and professional settings. Henry envisions to enhance classic pieces of clothing by applying simple modifications that will provide his customers unique style & substance.  By taking timeless staple pieces and giving them a modern spin. AKEYO demonstrates elegance, refinement, and individuality.